If you have accidentally marked a Sales Order as "Packed" or "Delivered" or the items are returned to your warehouse, you can revert a Sales Order status back to "Not shipped". You also need to revert a SO if you wish to edit any SO details, as a "Packed" or "Delivered" Sales Order cannot be edited.

Reverting a Sales Order back to "Not shipped" status reverts the inventory level adjustments for items included in the SO. More precisely, both "In Stock" and "Committed" quantities in the inventory list are increased for all items included in the Sales Order.

Read more about Sales Order statuses.

You can revert a "Packed" or "Delivered" Sales Order on a Sales Order card or in the "Sell" screen. Katana currently does not support partial shipping or reverting of Sales Orders, you can only ship or revert all items simultaneously.

1. Navigate to the "Sell" screen and find the relevant Sales Order with "Packed" or "Delivered" status. "Delivered" Sales Orders can be found under the "Done" tab at the top of the table.

2. Change the status back to "Not shipped" directly in the "Sell" screen or from the upper right-hand corner of the Sales Order card.

3. Your inventory levels are updated automatically.