This article gives guidelines for creating Stock Adjustments. Stock Adjustments can be created manually in Katana.

You can create a new Stock Adjustment by clicking on the global '+' sign and selecting '+ Stock adjustment'.

At least one item has to be added to each Stock Adjustment. You can add both products and materials to Stock Adjustments.

A Stock Adjustment card includes the following fields:

Stock adjustment # (required) - a unique identifier for the Stock Adjustment. This is auto-generated by Katana but can be edited manually if needed. Example: SA-1, SA-2.

Reason - a reason for creating the Stock Adjustment. A descriptive field for your own information to enable better identification of Stock Adjustments.

Item (required) - select a product or material variant that you wish to add to the Stock Adjustment. You can select existing items or create new by inserting the item name and selecting "Create new: [item name]" from the drop-down menu. Then select whether you wish to create a product or a material and fill in the basic item info.

Quantity (required) - the quantity by which you wish to adjust the inventory level for the selected item. Enter a positive number to increase or a negative number to decrease the quantity "In Stock". The Unit of Measure can be edited on the product or material card.

Cost per unit (required) - the cost of the item per 1 unit. A default value is set to the current Average Cost of the item in the Inventory. If the In Stock quantity for the item is zero, then default "Cost per unit" is set to 0. Can be changed manually for each item.