This article gives you an overview of the value of the "Sell" screen and directs you to other more detailed articles about concepts related to the "Sell" screen.

The "Sell" screen gives you a clear overview of the status of all your Sales Orders. It indicates the availability of products, the availability of materials, the status of related production tasks, and delivery status. You can also schedule new production tasks and manage the priorities for your workshop from this screen.

- It shows the Product Availability for each Sales Order. Read more about Product Availability.

- It shows the Material Availability for products on each Sales Order. Read more about Material Availability.

- It enables pushing relevant production jobs to "Schedule" in the "Make" screen. Read more about Make to order workflow

- It enables managing the Delivery status of each Sales Order. Read more about Sales Order Delivery statuses.

- It enables managing the priorities of Sales Orders. This also affects the production schedule in the "Make" screen in a Make to Order use case. Read more about Managing the priority of Sales Orders.

Important: The order of rows in the "Sell" screen is also the order of priority of Sales Orders.

Open and Done Sales Orders

When a Sales Order "Delivery" status is changed to "Delivered", the order will be automatically moved to the "Done" section of the Sales Order list. A Sales Order will be moved back to the "Open" orders list when the status is changed back from "Delivered" to some previous status.

The "Done" section shows you the Profit made from each Sales Order, based on the Sales Price of products sold and their Average Cost in your Stock at the time of sales (which depends on the Manufacturing Cost of those products based on the Product Recipe and Production Operations for the products).

Filter the "Done" Sales Orders list to see Profit for a specific period or customer.