Creating a new customer enables adding it to Sales Orders (SO). You can also add e-mail addresses, phone numbers and any comments to your customers in the "Contacts" screen of Katana.

When creating a Sales Order, you can search existing customers by typing the customer name into the Customer field on a SO, and then select a relevant customer from the drop-down menu.

How to create a new customer?

1. Navigate to the Contacts section, select "Customers" tab from the table header and click on "+ Add new row" at the bottom of the table. Fill in the following information:

- Customer name (required)

- E-mail address - the value must match a general e-mail address format, otherwise, it will be highlighted in red and will not be saved.

- Phone number - add a phone number of the customer.

- Comments - you can add any internal comments to each customer.

All new customers can be selected from the drop-down menu for the Customer field on Sales Orders.

2. On a Sales Order, type a customer name into the Customer field. If the customer does not already exist in your "Contacts", you can create a new customer by clicking on "Create new: [customer name]" in the drop-down menu or pressing Enter on a keyboard. The new customer will be saved to the Sales Order and also added to your "Contacts".

3. Customers imported from Shopify. If you are using our Shopify integration for pulling Sales Orders (SO) to Katana, customer info for those SOs will also be pulled automatically from Shopify to Katana.

Katana checks whether a customer pulled from Shopify already exists in Katana:

- If the same customer already exists in Katana, this existing customer will be added to the Sales Order.

- If the customer does not yet exist in Katana, a new customer will be created.

Read more about how Katana identifies existing customers when pulling Sales Orders from Shopify.