You can print Purchase Orders (PO) in two different formats. Using the print function, you can also save POs to PDF.

Each printout also includes the legal name and the legal address of your company, and the address of the Location assigned to the Purchase Order. Read more.

1. Purchase Order format - includes all data displayed on a Purchase Order card in Katana.

2. Request for Quote (RFQ) - does not include any cost or price data for items on the PO card. Otherwise, includes all other data displayed on the Purchase Order card in Katana.

To print a PO or RFQ, follow these steps:

1. Navigate to a Purchase Order card that you wish to print.

2. Click on a Print buttonat the top corner of the PO card.

3. Select a printout format from the dropdown menu (Purchase Order or Request for Quote).

4. Select a printer to use or print to PDF.

Note: You can only print Purchase Orders one-by-one, Katana does not yet support printing orders in bulk.

You cannot yet send Purchase Orders or RFQs directly from Katana to your suppliers. See more instructions here.