You can print Purchase Orders (PO) in two different formats. Using the print function, you can also save POs to PDF.

1. Purchase Order format - includes all data displayed on a Purchase Order card in Katana.

2. Request for Quote (RFQ) - does not include any cost or price data for items on the PO card. Otherwise, includes all other data displayed on the Purchase Order card in Katana.

To print a PO or RFQ, follow these steps:

1. Navigate to a Purchase Order card that you wish to print.

2. Click on a Print buttonat the top corner of the PO card.

3. Select a printout format from the dropdown menu (Purchase Order or Request for Quote).

4. Select a printer to use or print to PDF.

Note: You can only print Purchase Orders one-by-one, Katana does not yet support printing orders in bulk.

You cannot yet send Purchase Orders or RFQs directly from Katana to your suppliers. See more instructions here.