Katana supports defining a single Unit of Measure for each product and material. This means that the Unit of Measure for an item must be the same on all Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, Manufacturing Orders, and in Stock. You cannot use multiple Unit of Measures for one item in Katana. 

Note: A possibility to use multiple Unit of Measures for a product or material will be added in the future.

However, there is a possible workaround in Katana for quantity conversions (unit conversions) from one unit to another.

Most often, the need to use multiple Unit of Measures for one item arises from the need to purchase raw materials in a different unit that is used in Product Recipes or in Stock. The following example focuses on this use case.

To purchase materials in a different Unit of Measure that is used in Product Recipes and in Stock:

1. Create two material cards for the same item. Essentially, you will have two different items in Katana, showing one row for each item also in "Items" and "Stock" screens. You can use the same material name, SKU code, and other parameters for both items.

E.g. create 2 material cards with the same name "Button".

2. For one material, define a Unit of Measure that you would like to use in Product Recipes and/or in Stock management. For the other material, define a UoM that you would like to use on Purchase Orders.

E.g. for one material, define the Unit of Measure as "pcs", and for the other material, define UoM as "box".

3. Purchase materials by adding the material with the relevant UoM to the Purchase Order. Receive those into your Stock.

E.g. to the Purchase Order, add the material with the UoM of "box" with quantity 1 if you are purchasing a box of buttons. Receive the Purchase Order when the materials arrive.

4. Then create a Stock Adjustment to "convert" the received material into the other material with a different UoM.

E.g. to the Stock Adjustment, add the material with UoM of "box" with the quantity of -1, and add the material with UoM of "pcs" with the quantity of 100. This will convert a box of buttons into 100 pcs of buttons.

In this way, you can use "box" as the Unit of Measure on Purchase Orders, but track the stock in the UoM of "pcs".

However, be aware that the Ingredients availability status "Expected" will not appear for the item with the Unit of measure of "pcs". The "Expected" status for Ingredients availability appears when there is an open Purchase Order for the material that has not yet been received. In the current case, the Purchase Order will be created for a different material that is used in the Product Recipe, and the Ingredients Availability will therefore not show the "Expected" status. The status will change from "Not available" to "In stock" after you have converted the material with UoM of "box" into the material with UoM of "pcs".