Katana enables you to track batches for products in your stock by assigning batch numbers (i.e. lot numbers) to manufactured products.

This gives you traceability for produced items and enables you to track sales items back to specific manufacturing orders.

You can also assign expiry dates to batches, giving you control over the shelf life of your products.

Batch tracking for materials is coming soon!

Basics of batches in Katana

  • Batch tracking can be switched ON and OFF at the product level (i.e. for each product) on the product card. Batch tracking is switched OFF by default. Read more.
  • When batch tracking is enabled for a product, then you must select specific batches for each stock movement (e.g. making, selling, adjusting stock levels, transferring stock between Locations).
  • Products made with a Manufacturing Order can be added to new or existing batches. Read more.
  • Products can be selected from specific batches when selling the items. Read more.
  • Batches can be assigned to stock movements when creating Stock Adjustments. Read more.
  • Batches can be assigned to Stock Transfers when moving stock between Locations. Read more.
  • Batch tracking can only be enabled or disabled for the product at all Locations. Batch tracking is not a Location-specific setting.
  • Items from the same batch can be located at multiple Locations.
  • Batch tracking for purchased items, ingredients, and subassemblies is coming soon!
  • Each batch is associated only with a single product variant. Multiple products or variants cannot be included in the same batch.
  • Each batch number for the same product variant must be unique. You can use the same batch number for different product variants, but it will still be a different batch, just the batch number is equal to another batch.
  • All your batches are listed in the "Stock" screen -> "Batches" menu. Read more.