You can assign a batch number and an expiry date to products made with a Manufacturing Order either when the MO is still open or when completing the MO.

When batch tracking is enabled for a product, you must assign a batch number to the manufactured products. You cannot complete a Manufacturing Order before assigning a batch number.

1. To assign a batch number for an open Manufacturing Order, click on the Edit button for the Batch # field.

If you have not entered the batch number before completing the MO, you will be asked to assign a batch number when changing the MO production status to "Done".

Note: If you are making a product that is batch-trackable, and the MO does not have a batch number assigned, and you complete all the Production Operation steps for the MO, then the Production status for the MO will remain as "Work in progress". In this case, you need to complete the MO by changing the production status for the MO to "Done", and you will be asked to assign a batch number at that point. Read more.

2. Enter the Batch # (required).

The entire quantity of the product on the MO must be assigned to the same batch. You cannot split the MO into multiple batches.

You can either create a new batch number ...

... or assign products to an already existing batch for the same product variant.

3. Enter the Expiration date (optional). Expiration date can be assigned to newly created batches or edited for a selected existing batch in this view.

4. Click "Confirm" to add the batch number info to the MO.

You can change batch # info for completed MOs.

All your batches are listed in the "Stock" screen -> "Batches" menu. Read more.

When selling products, you can select sales items from specific batches. Read more.

Assigning batch numbers when MOs are completed in bulk

If you complete multiple manufacturing orders for products from the "Make" screen, you are asked to assign batch numbers to all MOs for products with batch tracking switched ON and where the batch number has not yet been assigned.

If the batch number was already assigned to an MO before completing the MO, then the list will not include that MO, and you cannot edit the batch number before completing the MO from this view. Please go to the MO card to edit the batch info.

Assign batch numbers and, optionally, expiry dates to all rows and click "Confirm".

Read more about what happens when I complete all the Production Operations steps, but the MO