Batch tracking can be switched ON and OFF at the product level (i.e. for each product) on the product card. You can set this manually for each product or change the setting for multiple products in bulk. 

As batch tracking is set at a product level, then this setting affects all the variants of the product. However, enabling or disabling batch tracking for a product does not affect any other products.

How to enable batch tracking for a product manually in Katana?

1. Navigate to the "Items" screen and select a desired product from the list.

2. Enable "I track batch / lot numbers".

3. Batch tracking is still in beta and it only includes tracking for products that you make and sell. It is not yet possible to track products that you buy in or that are subassemblies in manufacturing. This functionality is coming soon!

You are asked to confirm your action. Click "Yes, turn on".

4. Batch tracking for all variants of the product is now enabled.

If you already had a certain quantity of products In Stock for the item before enabling batch tracking, then all the existing items are assigned to a batch called "unbatched". Read more.

Here is how you can start creating new batches.

Enabling batch tracking for products in bulk

This functionality is coming soon!