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Setting weekly throughput
Setting weekly throughput

Defining the weekly throughput for your company

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Weekly throughput is the total hours of production operations completed during an average week.

If you enabled automatic production deadline calculations, you will need to set a weekly throughput for your workshop. Set it by navigating to the Make screen and clicking on Configure deadlines at the top corner, and switching on the toggle button for calculating production deadlines.

Katana uses planned production time for each Manufacturing order (MO) and weekly throughput of your workshop to estimate the production deadline for Manufacturing Orders. Production time for a product can be set in production operations on the product card.

Example of setting the weekly throughout:

  • 3 production employees work full-time in the workshop (40 hours per week per employee).

  • The total working time per week is 3 x 40 hours = 120 hours.

  • In the weekly throughput, only include productive hours, not the total working time. Taking into account the time the production team might spend searching for missing materials, lunch breaks, etc., – total productive hours for 3 employees could be approximately 100 hours per week.

We recommend taking a look at the Last 7 days actual value in the estimates configuration window, as it gives an indication of the actual weekly throughput for your workshop. It's the sum of production times for all completed Manufacturing Orders over the last 7 days.

Note: if the Last 7 days actual value differs significantly from the weekly throughput you set for your workshop, it might indicate a need to change the weekly throughput or revise the duration of production operations for your products. Some products might take more or less time to produce than you have estimated in production operations.

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