Billing for Users and Operators

This article explains the billing principles when adding or removing Users or Operators from your account.

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You can add Users and Operators to your account at any time in Katana without a need to contact our support or sales. The billing amount for your account will update automatically.

Operators are users of the Shop Floor App, which is not available on the Essential plan (see more here:

Accessing your billing

You can access your current billing from the Subscription section of Katana.

  1. Log in to Katana, click on your account name in the top corner and select Subscription.

  2. The billing amount for the next invoice will be displayed.

  3. Click Manage your subscription to see a more detailed breakdown of the billing amount.

Billing principles for Users and Operators

The following principles are applied when calculating the billing amount for Users and Operators:

  • You are not charged for Users and Operators whose invitation status is still Pending.

  • Payment for Users is charged when they sign up via the invitation link. Payment for Operators is charged when the Operator is added.

    If Users or Operators are added in the middle of a billing period, the amount charged is calculated proportionally to the remaining billing period.

  • If Users or Operators are removed in the middle of a billing period, a credit amount is calculated proportionally to the remaining time until your next invoice. This credit will automatically apply to your next invoice.

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