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Five simple steps to connect QuickBooks Commerce with Katana

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Note 1: QuickBooks Commerce is a former Tradegecko. The article below shows how to connect Katana to Tradegecko. The connection with QuickBooks Commerce works in the same way.

Note 2: QuickBooks Commerce integration with Katana works independently from the QuickBooks Online integration. There is no connection between those integrations.

You can initiate the connection of QuickBooks Commerce to Katana only from your QuickBooks Commerce account. Follow these steps to connect:

1. Navigate to the “Browse apps” section in QuickBooks Commerce.

2. Click on the "Katana" icon in the apps list.

2. The next page will give you a brief overview of how Katana and QuickBooks Commerce integration works. Here is a more detailed description.

3. After clicking “Get app”, you are asked to authorize the connection.

4. You will be directed to Katana sign-up or login page, depending on whether you already have an existing Katana account with the same e-mail address as your QuickBooks Commerce account.

If NOT, then you will be directed to a sign-up page. Your e-mail address, name, and company are already pre-filled. Fill in the password with the secret key you wish to create for your Katana account.

If YES, then you will be directed to a login page. Your e-mail address is already pre-filled, you just need to enter the password for your Katana account.

5. You will then land in your Katana account with QuickBooks Commerce integration already active.

You have successfully connected your QuickBooks Commerce account to Katana!

If you are new to Katana, please note that next time you wish to log into Katana, you can access the account by logging in at

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