On each product or material card, you can select a Unit of Measure (UoM) for the item from the drop-down menu of the UoM field (e.g. pieces, liters, kilograms). Each material and product can have a single Unit of Measure.

Note: If you are purchasing materials in a different Unit of Measure that you wish to use in Product Recipes and in Stock, here's an article describing the workaround in Katana.

We have already added a pre-defined list of the most widely used units to your Katana account, but you can create new or delete existing units if needed.

To edit Units of Measure, navigate to the "Settings" section and select "Units of measure" from the left-hand menu.

Delete units by clicking on the trash bin icon next to a specific unit. If the deleted unit is used by an existing product or material, you can still see the unit for the item in the "Inventory" list, in Product Recipes, and on orders. However, the Unit of Measure field will be empty on the item card, indicating that you should select a new unit for the item.

Create new units by clicking on the "+ Add new row" button and typing a new unit abbreviation. The UoM value is limited to a maximum of 7 symbols. This unit is added to the UoM drop-down menu on item cards.

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