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Setting up a HubSpot connection in Make (ex Integromat)
Setting up a HubSpot connection in Make (ex Integromat)

How to set up HubSpot connection in Make (ex Integromat)

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This guide will walk you through the steps needed when connecting HubSpot to Make (ex Integromat) for the first time:

1. Before adding a new connection to Make, you must sign up for a HubSpot developer account. Then proceed to log in.

2. Select the Create an App option.

3. Enter a name for the app and save.

4. Switch to Auth tab and scroll to the bottom. Find Scopes and use the search bar to add e-commerce as required permission. Click Save.

5. Now switch back to Make set-up. To add a new connection, click Add and Show advanced settings.

6. Go to the HubSpot developer portal and copy the Client ID and the Client secret to respective fields in Make.

7. To fill the User ID and Hapi Key, go to HubSpot again and click Back to all apps. Then click the Get HubSpot API key button.

8. Click Show key to display your HubSpot API key. Copy the API key to the Hapi Key field in Make. Then copy the User ID from HubSpot to Make. After all that, you should have all the advanced setting fields filled in Make.

9. Add E-Commerce into the Custom Scopes field.

10. Click Continue, and choose the HubSpot account you want to connect to Make. Select your main account, not the developer account.

11. Confirm that you want to connect Integromat to HubSpot and click Connect app.

Your account is now connected, and you can continue setting up your workflow!

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