Although typically our customers use Zapier for importing Sales orders (SO) continuously into Katana, you can create a Zap for doing a one-time import for your historical Sales orders from Google Sheets, for example.

Use the following approach to do a one-time import of your Sales orders from Google Sheets to Katana:

- Add one example row to the Google Sheet with all the relevant columns and data for a sales order import.

- Create a Zap for importing the Sales orders into Katana by following this guide.

- After the Zap has been turned ON, copy the rest of your sales orders to the spreadsheet.

- After the import of those rows has been completed, turn off the Zap.

As the trigger for importing the data into Katana is "new spreadsheet row" in the example for the Zap for sales order import, then you need to add the additional rows to the spreadsheet after the Zap has been turned ON.

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