In WooCommerce, you can add metadata to items on Sales orders (SO) to display additional information about the product.

Typically, metadata in WooCommerce is used by companies providing make-to-order products with customization possibilities (e.g. engraving).

Metadata for products on WooCommerce sales orders are displayed as follows:

When a SO is synced from WooCommerce to Katana, metadata is also displayed for the item on a Katana SO:

This ensures that all the relevant information about the product on the order is visible in Katana when you start to make the product and fulfill the order.

When you choose to make this product using Katana's "Make to Order" functionality, these labels are also displayed on the Manufacturing order:

Important notes

  • Metadata is attached to the underlying product both in WooCommerce and Katana. New products or variants will NOT be created as a result.

  • You cannot add, delete, or edit metadata manually in Katana. Katana will always display the information imported from WooCommerce.

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