Shopify orders can be synced to Katana automatically. If you choose in the integration configuration, also order changes (adjust the quantity, refund, cancel, delete, archive) done in Shopify can be synced to Katana.

Changes synced from Shopify to Katana Sales orders (SO) may also impact Katana Manufacturing orders (MO).

The changes synced to the sales orders are applied to manufacturing orders only in case the manufacturing orders are made to order ("Make to order"; MTO). In case the manufacturing order is making to stock ("Make to stock"; MTS) the change to sales order is not applied to the manufacturing order.

How changes in the Sales order impact Manufacturing orders

The way the changes to the sales orders are applied to Manufacturing orders depends on the change, Manufacturing order type, and Manufacturing order status:

1. Manufacturing order type: Make-to-stock (MTS)

SO change has no impact on the MO.

2. MO type: Make-to-order (MTO)

  • MO status: Not started

    • SO quantity changed: MO quantity changed accordingly.

    • SO deleted: MO deleted accordingly.

  • MO status: Blocked, Work in progress, Done

    • SO quantity changed: MO is converted to MTS. The link between MO and SO is terminated.

    • SO deleted: MO is converted to MTS. The link between MO and SO is terminated.

In case the MO is converted to MTS, the user is notified about the change in the Schedule on the Make screen and in the MO detail view.

Notifications in Schedule on the Make screen

You can easily identify the manufacturing orders that have been unlinked from sales orders as a result of Shopify order changes. You can make a decision whether to continue the production for the items, change, or delete the MO. In the Schedule tab of the Make screen, MOs that have been unlinked from the corresponding sales order are marked with an indicator (amber circle in front of a MO #):

Hovering the indicator will display the reason for MO unlink:

1. In case the related SO has been deleted:

2. In case the related SO quantity has been changed:

Impacted MO-s can be filtered for the user's convenience (click on the triangle with an exclamation mark in the order # header).

To clear the filter click on the filter icon again and choose "Clear this filter":

MO detailed view

In MO detailed view the message is displayed to the user - message and the actions that can be taken depend on whether the sales order line has been deleted or changed.

  1. If the sales order line item quantity has been changed user can update the MO quantity to the changed order quantity and re-establish the link with the corresponding SO - the MO will be changed back to an MTO type. Alternatively, a user can choose not to update the MO - in such case, the link between the SO and MO is not re-established and the MO remains as MTS (Make to Stock).

  2. If the sales order item line has been deleted, a corresponding message is displayed. Users can acknowledge the change by closing the message.

Upon the needed actions being taken in MO detailed view and clearing the message on top of the view, the indicator in the Schedule tab of the Make screen is cleared as well.

In the bottom part of the MO detailed view, the unlinking messages are displayed permanently. Should the order be updated multiple times, there will be multiple messages stored.

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