Prospect is a cloud-based CRM designed explicitly for Wholesalers, Distributors, and Manufacturers who sell physical products B2B. Where most CRMs only prioritize the funnel, consistently searching for new customers, Prospect focuses on product-centric businesses. Knowing that the flywheel is equally as important for profitable, long-term success, Prospect manages the retaining, upselling, and reactivating of customers.

The Prospect CRM integrates with Katana's product, inventory, customer, and sales data, allowing you to better streamline your B2B sales processes. The integration also gives your sales and customer-facing teams the key insights required to increase sales. Combine these insights with all the traditional CRM features you’d expect to grow your business.

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What is synced:

NOTE! SKU values in Katana need to be unique and can't be left empty for the sync to properly work. Duplicate and blank SKUs will be skipped by the sync process.

How the sync works:

  1. During the initial connection, Prospect will pull from Katana all existing products, customers, sales orders, and current inventory levels.

  2. Once this data is added to Prospect CRM, the products, customers, sales orders, and current inventory (along with any new data) will stay updated in Prospect.

  3. Once a quote or Sales order is confirmed in Prospect, it is automatically pushed to Katana.

  4. Products on line items will be matched with those in Katana, as will customers. If a customer doesn't exist in Katana yet, you will be prompted to create the customer and their details to Katana.

  5. If a sales order is updated in Katana, the changes are also made in Prospect. The original sales order document itself will remain the same, but there will be visible changes under the company's sales transactions.

Steps to connect Prospect CRM to Katana

  1. Start a free trial of Prospect CRM.

  2. Connect to Katana from Prospect CRM following the steps in this article.

That's it! You are now ready to begin growing your B2B product sales via the Prospect CRM integration.

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