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Restock notifications
Restock notifications

Restock notifications provide an easy way to know which items need reordering.

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To help keep up with all the moving parts of your stock, Notifications let you know when it's time to restock based on order demand so you can avoid unexpected stockouts.

The notification redirects you to the stock screen, where you can review your stock data and create an order to bring the stock level back up to the needed amount.

How restock notifications work

Notifications are based on an item's Missing / Excess column (read more), which calculates stock level, existing commitments, expected quantities, and the reorder point:

Missing / Excess = In stock - Committed + Expected - Reorder Point.

If the Missing / Excess is below zero, you will receive a notification and decide whether to create a Manufacturing order (MO) for a product or a Purchase order (PO) for a material.

An automatic stock check is performed each morning (at 8 AM according to your browser's timezone) to see if any new items need to be restocked (Missing / Excess has fallen below zero). If restocks are needed, a notification alert appears on the Bell icon.

When you open a notification, you'll see a list of all the locations where items need to be restocked as well as the total number that needs restocking from a Location.

If you click on a notification, you'll be redirected to the Stock screen and the items that need restocking are already filtered out, giving you a clear view of which items need attention.

Use the quick action buttons on the table to generate new MOs or POs.

To find previous notifications, choose the Archived tab in the Notifications dropdown.

Remember to regularly check reorder levels to ensure your notifications stay relevant even if a stock-out is expected. Read more about reorder points or how to set reorder points.

Opting out of notifications

Use the toggle button on the notification dropdown to turn notifications on or off.

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