Find everything you need to know about Stock, Batch Tracking, and Barcodes
Using the Stock screen
Entering initial stock into Katana
What is a Stock adjustment?
Creating a Stock adjustment
Duplicating a Stock adjustment
Exporting Stock adjustments
Deleting a Stock adjustment
What is a Reorder point?
Setting a Reorder point for product or material
Determining the appropriate level of Reorder point
Restock notifications
Performing a Stocktake (i.e. inventory count)
Updating stock levels and stock values in bulk
Video: How to avoid negative stock?
Where can I see the history of stock movements?
Viewing and exporting historical stock for a certain date
Recording stock movements in accounting based on Katana data
Understanding inventory period closing
Understanding Moving Average Cost (MAC)
Moving Average Cost (MAC) improvement
Batch tracking
Video: Batch tracking and expiry dates
Basics of Batch Tracking: Full traceability
Enabling batch tracking for items
Purchasing batch-trackable items
Selecting ingredients from batches on Manufacturing orders
Assigning batch numbers to manufactured products
Batch tracking for subassemblies
Reporting batch numbers in the Shop Floor Control app
Reverting Manufacturing orders for batch-trackable items
Assigning batches for Sales items on a Sales order
Batch tracking on Outsourced purchase orders
Selecting ingredient batches on an Outsourced purchase order (OPO)
Understanding the Batches list
Importing batch numbers
What an "unbatched" batch is
Assigning batch numbers to "unbatched" items
What is an empty batch?
Adjusting stock for batch-trackable items
Transferring stock between Locations for batch-trackable items
Disabling batch tracking for items
How to keep the historical data for batches when turning off batch tracking for an item?
Exporting batch tracking info