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Generating internal barcodes
Generating internal barcodes

Automate or manually create internal barcodes in Katana for efficient item tracking.

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Katana offers flexibility in generating internal barcodes and barcodes for batches, allowing users to automate the process or create them manually. This functionality ensures every item and batch within your inventory system is uniquely identified, enhancing tracking accuracy and operational efficiency.

Generating internal barcodes automatically

To generate internal barcodes automatically you need to checkmark for Generate barcodes automatically from the Settings screen > Barcodes section.

Once you've selected this option, a popup for automatic barcode generation will appear:

  1. If you leave both boxes uncheckmarked, Katana will only automatically generate internal barcodes for new item variants and batches. In this case, none of the existing items will receive a barcode number.

  2. Selecting Automatically generate internal barcodes for existing items means variants will generate an internal barcode for new and existing item variants and batches, except the item variants and batches that already have a barcode number.

  3. Choosing Overwrite existing internal barcodes will generate new internal barcodes for all new and existing item variants and batches and will overwrite existing internal barcodes.

    Popup box with options for automatic barcode generation

Note: It is strongly advised to avoid overwriting existing internal barcodes if you have items with printed barcode labels printed in inventory. If barcodes are overwritten, the previous barcode numbers will no longer be identified with a barcode scanner.

Generating barcodes manually

If you switch on barcodes and leave Generate barcodes automatically unselected, internal barcodes will need to be created manually.

There are 2 options to create barcodes manually:

  1. Enter the barcode number for each item variant by writing it on the internal barcode field on an item card.

    Manually adding a barcode to an item variant

  2. Generate internal barcodes for all the variants of an item on the item card by clicking the Generate internal barcodes button. This will automatically generate internal barcodes for all variants of the item.

    Using the Generate internal barcodes button on an item

If you have existing internal barcodes for some item variants, you can use the Generate internal barcodes button and skip existing internal barcodes or choose to overwrite them.

Popup box asking what you wan to do with existing barcodes after clicking to generate internal barcodes

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