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Editing barcodes

Modify barcodes in Katana for items and batches, ensuring data integrity and traceability.

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Editing barcodes in Katana is crucial for maintaining accurate inventory tracking and management. You can edit barcodes directly on the item card, within batch records, or upon receiving batch trackable items, ensuring all data remains consistent and up-to-date.

Editing barcodes should always be done very carefully. If physical barcode labels are applied to items in inventory and the barcode number is changed, these items won't be identified with scanners anymore. Which means they will need to be searched for manually and new barcode labels printed for all of them.

Where barcodes can be edited

  1. On an item card - Open an item card that has barcodes, click on the barcode field, and either write or scan a new barcode number. (Internal barcodes are verified for uniqueness - the number needs to be unique).

    Internal barcode field of a product card

  2. From Stock screen > Batches tab if you use batch tracking. Batch numbers and batch barcodes can be edited in the list.

    Internal barcode column of the stock screen

  3. While receiving a batch trackable item - if barcodes are generated automatically, the new batch number created while receiving items will also generate a batch barcode. The automatically generated barcode can be edited before receiving the item.

    The batch # column when receiving items from a purchase order

Note: Editing batch barcodes while receiving can be useful if you want to use the same batch/LOT number your supplier wrote on an item, and printing it as a barcode gives you backward traceability to your supplier batch number whenever you need it.

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