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Purchasing batch-trackable items

Assign batch numbers to items that you are purchasing with Purchase Orders

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Katana enables you to assign batch numbers to items that you are purchasing with Purchase Orders. This applies to both materials and products.

To start assigning batch numbers to purchased items, you first need to enable batch tracking for an item. If you have batch tracking enabled for an item, you'll need to assign a batch number to the item when purchasing.

Assigning batch numbers to purchased items enables full traceability for products and materials as you can choose items from specific batches in stock when making or selling your products. This information will also be available historically at any time.

Assigning batch numbers

Batch numbers to purchased items can be assigned when a Purchase order (PO) is marked as Received (or when only receiving some items on the PO).

Batch numbers cannot be assigned to items on Purchase orders before receiving the items because batch numbers for items are typically indicated on the received package.

  1. Change the PO delivery status to Receive all or Receive some....

  2. You then need to define the quantity of items to To receive.

    If you changed the PO delivery status to Receive all, the To receive quantity is automatically filled in with the total quantity of the item on the PO. If you choose Receive some..., you need to assign the quantities "To receive" manually.

    If you wish to split the total received quantity for an item into multiple batches, add each batch to a separate row. Change the To receive quantity to a smaller number than the total quantity for the item on the PO, and a new row for adding the next batch will appear automatically.

  3. Assign a batch #; Batch barcode (If applicable) and expiration date (optional) to each received batch. You can either assign an existing batch number to add items to an existing batch or create a new batch number for received items.

    If you are purchasing some items that do not have batch tracking enabled, the Batch # column will display "Not applicable" and a batch number doesn't need to be assigned to this item.

  4. You need to assign batch numbers to all received batch-trackable items, once batch numbers are assigned, the Receive all button will become enabled (or Receive selected if you are partially receiving). Click this button to receive the items to your stock.

  5. Batch number information is saved to the PO and batches for the received items are added to your stock.

    Note: Once a PO is received, you cannot edit the batch numbers for received items.

Go to the Stock screen > Batches tab to see the list of all your batches.

You can now use the received items and select items from specific batches on Manufacturing orders and/or Sales orders to achieve full traceability.

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