A certain quantity of stock for a batch-trackable item might belong to an "unbatched" batch (read more).

You can assign batch numbers to "unbatched" items by:

1. Creating a Stock Adjustment.

- Add the item as a line item to the adjustment and click on the "Adjustment +/-" field. A popup for entering batch number tracking information opens.

- Decrease the quantity for the "unbatched" batch by entering a negative quantity to the "Quantity" field and select the "Unbatched" batch for the "Batch #" field.

- Then add another row in the same window, add a positive quantity to the other row and create a new batch number for the quantity (or assign the quantity to an already existing batch of the same item).

If you only wish to assign items from "Unbatched" to certain batches, but not add or remove any stock, make sure that the positive and negative quantities add up to a total "Adjustment +/-" quantity of 0.

2. Adding batch numbers to ingredients on completed Manufacturing Orders

When you turn on batch tracking for ingredients, but you have already completed Manufacturing Orders that have consumed those ingredients before, then the ingredients on the MO are taken from the "unbatched" batch.

You can select ingredients from batches on completed Manufacturing Orders.

  • Navigate to the "Make" screen and go to the "Done" MO list in the Schedule.

  • Click on a MO for a product.

  • On the MO card, you will see the "Unbatched" label for ingredients.

  • Click on the edit button to select a batch.

  • On the pop-up screen, select the ingredients from specific batches.

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