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Batch tracking
Adjusting stock for batch-trackable items
Adjusting stock for batch-trackable items

You can also create new batches when adding items to your stock with a Stock adjustment

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When adding items for which batch tracking has been enabled to a Stock adjustment, you must define a batch number for each stock quantity adjustment.

You can also create new batches when adding items to your stock with a Stock adjustment.

  1. Create a Stock adjustment and add a batch-trackable item to the adjustment.

  2. Click on the Adjustment +/- field, and a popup window will open where you can enter the batch tracking information.

  3. First, enter the adjustment Quantity. This number can be positive or negative.

  4. Then, you must assign a Batch # for the adjustment quantity. If the quantity is positive, you can either add the quantity to an existing batch or create a new batch. If the quantity is negative, you can either reduce the quantity for an existing batch or the "Unbatched" batch.

  5. The Expiration date field is filled if the selected batch had an Expiration date set. If no expiration date was set for the selected batch, you can enter the date or leave it blank.

  6. You can add additional rows in this window to adjust other batches for the same item.

7. Click Confirm.

8. The Adjustment +/- quantity for the adjustment row is the sum of all quantities entered in the Batch tracking info window. Detailed information about adjusted batches is displayed below the adjustment row.

You can edit batch tracking info for an existing adjustment row by clicking on the Adjustment +/- quantity.

One of the possible use cases for creating a Stock adjustment for a batch-trackable item is to assign batches to the "Unbatched" quantity of the item. Read more

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