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What is an "unbatched" batch?
What is an "unbatched" batch?

Learn about "unbatched" batches in Katana and how they function within inventory management.

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In Katana, an "unbatched" batch refers to stock items that have not been assigned a specific batch number despite batch tracking being enabled. These items are grouped under the "unbatched" batch, which behaves like any other batch, allowing addition, removal, and selection for stock movements.

When batch tracking is enabled for an item, all the quantity you have "In stock" for this item must belong to a particular batch.

In certain situations, you might have a number of items in stock for which you have not assigned any batch numbers, although batch tracking is enabled.

Despite the name "unbatched", these are technically still batches in Katana. They behave the same way as any other batch with a proper batch number.

When items are assigned to the "unbatched" batch

  • If you enable batch tracking for an item that already has a positive quantity "In stock". The existing stock quantity is allocated to the "unbatched" batch.

  • If you complete a sales order (SO) with a Make-to-Order manufacturing order (MO) attached to it, and the MO uses batch-trackable ingredients, the ingredients are automatically taken from the "unbatched" batch. This also applies to a situation where the SO is completed via order fulfillment status sync from your e-commerce channel (e.g. Shopify, WooCommerce).

The "unbatched" batch can have a negative stock quantity.

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