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Adding serial numbers to purchased products
Adding serial numbers to purchased products
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Adding a serial number to a purchased product allows you to assign unique code to each received item, which means you can later on assign the same number on a Sales order (SO). This gives you traceability from shipments to customers to receiving from suppliers.

If serial number tracking is enabled for a product and a Purchase order (PO) or Outsourced purchase order (OPO) is created for the product, a Tracing column will be added on the items table.

If there are no serial numbers added to the products you are about to receive, the Tracing column will show an exclamation mark icon for the item row.

You can assign serial numbers to a PO or OPO when an order row is Not received or Received, but the amount of serial numbers can't exceed the row quantity.

Adding serial numbers to purchased products

  1. To add serial numbers to a PO or OPO row, click the Traceability icon.

  2. Manually enter each number, pressing "Enter" after each added number or, copy and paste the numbers from an Excel sheet.

    Note: A serial number can only contain numbers, letters, spaces, and special characters like - _ /,. There is a maximum limit of 32 characters and only 1000 numbers can be input at a time.

  3. Once you've entered the required serial numbers, click Done and the serial numbers will be added to the order.

    Note: If you added the same amount of serial numbers as row quantity, the icon will turn to green checkmark. If less, the warning icon will remain.

  4. You can remove assigned serial numbers and add new ones by clicking on the tracing icon.

    Note: Editing assigned serial numbers is only possible for Not received rows.

  5. Click the Bin icon to remove a serial number, Click + Enter serial numbers to add serial numbers.

  6. If you mark the order row as Received, a Received date will be given to the serial numbers you inserted. This will show as an Added date in Stock screen > Serial numbers tab.

You can also upload serial numbers to fully received POs and OPOs in bulk by using the import template.

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