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Serial numbers
Adding serial numbers to manufactured products
Adding serial numbers to manufactured products
Learn about how to add serial numbers and use the Traceability tab
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If serial number tracking is enabled for a product and a Manufacturing order (MO) is created for the product, an extra Traceability tab will appear on the MO (this tab will only display for products that have serial number tracking enabled).

If there are no serial numbers entered, the Traceability tab will show an exclamation mark icon.

You can assign serial numbers to an MO when the MO is still Open, but you can only enter as many serial numbers as the quantity planned on the MO.

Adding serial numbers to manufacturing products

  1. To add serial numbers to an open MO, click the Traceability tab > Add numbers button.

  2. You can add the serial numbers via two different ways:

    • Manually enter the numbers one by one, pressing "Enter" after each

    • Copy and paste the numbers from an Excel sheet.

      Note: A serial number can only contain numbers, letters, spaces, and special characters like - _ /,. There is a maximum limit of 32 characters and only 1000 numbers can be input at a time.

  3. Once you've entered the required serial numbers, click Done and the serial numbers will be added to the MO.

  4. If you mark the MO as Done or Partially complete, the serial numbers you inserted will be given a respective production date.

    Note: If you make a product that is serial number trackable, the MO doesn't have serial numbers assigned, and you complete all the Production Operation steps for the MO from the Shop Floor App β€” the Production status of the MO will remain as Work in progress. In this situation, you'll need to complete the MO directly in Katana (not the app) by inserting missing serial numbers and changing the Production status of the MO to Done.

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