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Understanding the Batches list
Understanding the Batches list

Understand the Batches list for effective inventory tracking and management.

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The Batches tab provides comprehensive information on all batches for products and materials with batch tracking enabled. Accessible from the Stock screen, this list allows you to view, filter, and edit batch details such as batch numbers, barcodes, and expiration dates.

Batches tab of the stock screen

By default, the list will display batches with a positive quantity. You can show empty batches on the list by changing the toggle in the top right corner.

Toggle for showing empty batches in the stock screen's batches tab

The list also displays "Unbatched" batches if they have a positive or a negative quantity.

Under the Batches tab, you can edit the following information for each batch:

Editing the information does not create a new batch, it only changes the information for the existing batch.

You cannot edit the information for an "Unbatched" batch. Read more about assigning unbatched items to specific batches.

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