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Understanding the Batches list
Understanding the Batches list

Information about batches can be accessed from Stock screen > Batches tab

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Information about batches for all product and material variants (for which batch tracking is enabled) can be accessed in Stock screen > Batches tab.

On this table, you can view all items or choose either Products or Materials.

By default, the list displays batches with a positive quantity. You can choose to show empty batches on the list by changing the toggle in the top right corner.

The list will also display "Unbatched" batches if they have a positive or a negative quantity.

In the Batches tab, you can edit the following information for each batch:

Editing the information does not create a new batch, it only changes the information for the existing batch.

You cannot edit the information for an "Unbatched" batch. Read more about assigning unbatched items to specific batches.

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