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What is an empty batch?
What is an empty batch?

Understand what an empty batch is in Katana and how to manage them for effective inventory tracking.

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In Katana, an empty batch refers to a batch with a zero quantity of items. Even after using or adjusting the quantity to zero, these batches remain visible in the Batches table if the Show empty batches toggle is enabled. This feature allows users to review historical stock movements and manage their inventory more effectively, ensuring comprehensive batch tracking and accurate records.

Empty batches will remain in the Batches table even after you've used all the items from the batch or adjusted the quantity to zero with a stock adjustment.

If this happens, you can still access those empty batches in the Batches table by enabling Show empty batches toggle.

If you want to check the historical stock movements of batches, click on the In stock field for the batches in the table.

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