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Different types of barcodes
Different types of barcodes

Explore the types of barcodes in Katana for tracking items, batches, and sales efficiently.

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Katana supports different barcode types to optimize inventory tracking and sales processes. These include Supplier Item Codes for identifying materials from different suppliers, Internal Barcodes for managing stock movements, Barcodes for Batches for specific batch tracking, and Registered Barcodes for retail purposes. Understanding the distinct functions of these barcodes enhances operational efficiency and inventory management.

Note: Katana has different barcode options assigned to each item variant

Supplier item codes

Supplier item codes are used to identify raw materials and purchasable products.

If items received from a supplier have a barcode, you can save the barcode number as a supplier item code. Each time you receive the same item from your supplier you can just scan and receive it.

Each item variant can have multiple supplier item codes.

If different suppliers supply the same item variant with different barcodes, the correct item variant can always be found while receiving.

Internal barcodes

Internal barcodes are used to track inventory movements and materials consumed in manufacturing:

  • If you need to count stock levels for certain items - stocktake, you can identify all item variants with an Internal barcode

  • When operators consume materials in manufacturing, an internal barcode helps to easily identify items to efficiently track material usage

Internal barcodes are always unique throughout your Katana account and can be automatically or manually generated.

Read more about generating barcodes here.

Barcodes for batches

Barcodes for batches are a subset of Internal barcodes. Batch barcodes are unique throughout the Katana account and can be generated automatically or manually.

Barcodes for batches help to identify specific batches of items.

Read more about batch tracking.

Registered barcode

Registered barcodes are mainly used for retail purposes.

A registered barcode can be used on the physical labels of items you sell to your customers. If you use barcodes on the products you sell on an e-commerce platform, then these barcodes can be used as registered barcodes in Katana.

Note: Once you've registered with GS1, the barcodes allocated can be used as Registered barcodes, and your products can be identified in retail stores.

Where can I find barcodes in Katana?

When barcodes are switched on, barcode numbers are visible in several places throughout Katana such as:

  • Items screen

  • Item card

  • Stock screen > Batches tab

  • Purchase order card

  • Purchase order receive modal

  • Manufacturing order batch modal

  • Stock adjustment batch modal

  • Stock transfer batch modal

Note: Barcode scanning is only available on Standard and higher plans.

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