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Receiving with barcodes
Receiving with barcodes

When items arrive in your warehouse, start scanning to find the purchase order it belongs to

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When items arrive in your warehouse, you can start scanning an item from the Buy screen to find the purchase order it belongs to:

1. Activate scanning

On the Buy screen, click on the Start scanning button or use the keyboard shortcut CTRL+B (CMD+B on MAC)

2. Scan the item barcode you want to receive

a. When a barcode with "Supplier item code" is scanned and there is only one purchase order for the item, the Purchase order receive modal opens, and the item is selected to receive.

b. If an item barcode is scanned and the item is found in multiple purchase orders, the correct purchase order can be selected from the list by clicking on the one to receive.

Scanning the same code again when the receiving modal is open will increase the quantity received.

If the Purchase order (PO) has multiple items, deleting the barcode number next to the barcode number on the top left corner of the receive modal or pressing CTRL+B (CMD+B on MAC) shows the full list of items on that PO and activates scanning mode for the following item.

2.1. Receiving batch trackable items (if applicable)

When an item is batch trackable, the batch barcode is either generated automatically or written manually.

Read more about generating barcodes.

On a PO, if a batch trackable item is selected to receive a batch number, it needs to be assigned:

  1. An existing batch number that can be found by searching for a batch number or writing/scanning an existing batch barcode.

  2. A new batch number that can be created and a batch barcode field, depending on whether barcodes are generated automatically, Either way, the batch barcode can be edited at this moment.

If the supplier batch/LOT number has a barcode, the number can also be entered with scanning when the batch barcode field is selected.

Read more about editing barcode numbers.

3. Export barcodes (optional)

If all items are selected, there is an option on the receive modal to export barcodes. This option exports barcode numbers for the received items and the numbers can be used to print barcode labels.

Read more about printing barcodes.

4. Click on receive button

Click on the Receive button to confirm and update inventory levels for received items.

  • The inventory levels for items included in the order are adjusted accordingly.

  • A CSV file with barcode info is downloaded if the "Export barcodes" option is selected.

What if the barcode is new to Katana?

Note: If you order an item with a barcode from your supplier for the first time, it is likely the barcode number doesn't exist in Katana, but it will be useful to save it for the next orders, so the item can be recognized by just scanning it.

On a PO list, the scan mode can be activated.

If an item barcode is scanned and the barcode number displayed on the receive modal shows "can't find any items with this code". There is an option to search for the item from those created in Katana.

If the item is selected, a purchase order receive modal will open, showing the barcode highlighted on the supplier item code field and an item is selected to receive.

What if the item is not found in any PO?

Note: If you are buying something regularly, then sometimes suppliers send you items that are usually on a PO even if you forgot to add them.

If an item is scanned and the barcode is recognized, but there is no PO found for it, then a PO with that item will first need to be created before the item can be scanned.

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