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Streamline operations in Katana with barcode scanning for receiving items, tracking ingredients, and managing stock efficiently.

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Katana supports multiple methods for barcode scanning, enabling efficient stock management and item tracking. Whether using a handheld scanner with the main app or a smart device's camera with the Shop Floor Control app, Katana simplifies inventory processes from receiving to production, ensuring accuracy and saving time.

Ways to scan barcodes in Katana.

If items or batch numbers don't have a physical barcode label, they'll need to be printed.

Preparing to scan (main Katana site)

To begin scanning, these 3 things need to be ready:

  1. Barcodes are switched on from within Settings

  2. A scanner is connected to a device running the Katana app

  3. Scan mode is active, a field is selected to search, or you've entered a barcode.

Activating scan mode

  1. On screens that have a Start scanning button (such as the Buy screen), there are 2 options to activate scan mode.

    Example in Buy screen:

    1. Click the button to activate barcode scanning or use a keyboard shortcut (CTRL+B on PC or CMD+B on MAC)

  2. Scanning can also begin from any popup that has a field labeled click here or press CTRL+B (CMD+B) to start scanning.

    Highlights the option to start scanning from a pop-up

    1. Click the field to activate scan mode or use the keyboard shortcut (CTRL+B on PC or CMD+B on MAC)

Scanning to enter data

Selecting any part of an editable barcode field allows you to enter barcode numbers using a scanner.

Learn more about editing barcodes.

Searching for item or batch number by scanning

You can search for an item or batch number from inside the Items screen or Stock screen > Batches tab, by selecting a barcode filter (like the example below) and scanning a barcode.

Internal barcode column filter in the stock screen

Scan barcodes using a smart device camera in the Shop Floor app

The Shop Floor App has a built-in barcode scanner that can use a smart device camera.

To scan a barcode, an operator needs to activate the scanner in their smart device camera by clicking on the Scan button found in several places throughout the app.

Scan button found in the shop floor app

Scan button found in the shop floor app

Scan barcodes using a barcode scanner in the Warehouse app

You can use an external barcode scanner or smart scanner to identify items in a SO pick list from the Warehouse app.

To scan a barcode, an operator needs to first start a task. Once an item barcode is scanned the item's detailed view opens.

If an operator scans an item that is not in the list, an error message will display.

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