Katana's Shop Floor App is a mobile-friendly web-based application used by the production team on the shop floor to manage their tasks.

The app provides value to managers and the shop floor team via:

  • Clearing task lists for each production employee.

  • Live production status updates from the shop floor to the Katana MRP site. The app is directly linked to the Katana MRP site, and the data is in live sync.

  • Going paperless - no need to print Manufacturing orders (MO). Operators can leave any comments to MOs.

  • The production team can focus on tasks without access to other sections in Katana.

In the Shop Floor App, users are called Operators. You can add Operators to your Katana account by inviting them to your team through the Katana MRP site. Read more

Each Operator has a dedicated account and task list. All Production operations that are related to open Manufacturing orders, and have been assigned to an Operator, will appear in the app. Read more about assigning tasks and managing tasks.

An Operator has restricted access and can't access the full Katana MRP site โ€” only their tasks list in the app. The tasks accessible by the Operator lack any cost or price-related information - you can only track this on the Katana MRP site.

The Operator account isn't linked to any specific device. You can log in to an Operator account from any device if you have the required codes. Simultaneous sessions from multiple devices isn't possible. Read more

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