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Reporting batch numbers in the Shop Floor Control app
Reporting batch numbers in the Shop Floor Control app

Use the Shop Floor App to directly report batch numbers

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In the Shop Floor App, Operators can report the batch numbers for ingredients they used for a specific Manufacturing order (MO).

In order to track batch numbers in the Shop Floor App, you need to enable the setting so that the actual quantity of ingredients consumed is asked for.

Reporting batch numbers with the Shop Floor App allows the batch numbers to be reported with the correct quantity on-site.

In order to scan batch barcodes, the batch barcode labels have to be printed.

Operators can report batch numbers either by scanning batch barcodes or searching for the batch number while finishing the operation.

If there are batch trackable ingredients in the recipe of manufacturing order then the batch numbers of ingredients used are asked at the time of completing a task in the Shop Floor App. It is asked for each task separately.

One or multiple batch numbers can be added to each ingredient row in the manufacturing order recipe.

Reporting of batch numbers is not mandatory in the Shop Floor App, and the operator can still complete the task without assigning a batch number.

Once a batch number is selected, it is mandatory to enter the batch quantity.

The batch numbers reported from the Shop Floor App are displayed on the MO Ingredients section in Katana's main app and can be edited there if corrections are needed.

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