In the Shop Floor App, Operators can report the actual quantities of ingredients consumed for a specific Manufacturing order (MO). They can indicate the planned quantity or change the consumed quantity if it's different from the planned.

Doing so enables Operators to report waste or deviance from the planned consumption. If the actual quantity is often higher or lower than the planned quantity, you may want to reconsider the planned quantity.

The actual quantity of ingredients used is prompted when a task is completed in the Shop Floor App. It is asked for each task separately. The Operator can leave additional comments on the quantity consumed for each ingredient.

To identify the tracked ingredients, the operator can use the Shop Floor App barcode scanning option with a smart device camera. Read more

If the ingredients are batch trackable, the batch numbers can be assigned by the operator while tracking the actual quantity of ingredients used. Read more

You can choose whether to ask the Operators for the actual quantity of ingredients consumed or have the planned quantity always be automatically used as the actual quantity. If you want to start reporting actual quantities from the Shop Floor App, you need to enable this on the Katana MRP main site.

Operators can also report the actual quantity of products made with a MO. Read more

Enabling tracking for actual ingredient quantities consumed

To enable tracking for actual ingredient quantities from the Shop Floor App:

  1. Go to Settings screen > Shop Floor App

  2. Enable Ask consumed ingredient quantities from the operator when a task is finished

Reporting the actual quantity of ingredients

To report the quantity of ingredients used in the Shop Floor App:

  • An Operator marks a task as Finished in the Shop Floor App.

  • A list of all ingredients for the MO opens in a popup window. Check the ingredients that you have used and report the quantities.

The quantity of an ingredient is the amount consumed for the total product quantity on the MO. For example, if a MO is for 3 pieces of T-Shirt and a task is performed for all 3 T-shirts, you should add the total quantity of fabric used for 3 T-Shirts (for the quantity per one T-Shirt).

In Katana, ingredients are not related to specific tasks or operations. Therefore the entire list of ingredients for the MO is displayed.

By default, the total planned quantity is indicated after checking the ingredient. You can change the quantity if needed.

You can also leave comments for the quantity used. Click + Add a comment and enter information.

This comment will be displayed as a Note for an ingredient on the MO on the Katana MRP main site along with the Operator name. It won't overwrite existing notes for ingredients on the MO but it will be added to the end of an existing note.

If multiple tasks consume the same ingredient, the actual quantity for the ingredient will be the sum of quantities consumed with all tasks.

  • Click Finish.

  • When the task is finished, the quantity of materials consumed is recorded for the MO in the Katana MRP main site. Any comments left for ingredients are displayed as Notes for the ingredient on the MO.

  • You can edit the Actual quantity for each ingredient manually on the Katana MRP main site.

What about Stock movements?

It is important to understand how Stock movements work when Operators report the consumed quantities of ingredients from the Shop Floor App.

  • Stock movements are recorded only when the MO is completed. Reported consumed ingredients quantities from the Shop Floor App are not immediately deducted from Stock in Katana.

  • While the MO (not completed), the Committed quantity of ingredients in Stock is always based on the Planned quantity of ingredients, even if the reported quantities in the production process are different from planned.

  • As the Committed quantity of ingredients in Stock is based on the Planned Quantity before the MO is completed, then the reported Actual quantities don't have an effect on the ingredient availability calculations for other Manufacturing orders (before the MO is completed).

  • When a MO is completed, the Actual quantity of ingredients consumed will be deducted from Stock. At this point, it may have an effect on the ingredient availability for other Manufacturing orders if the consumed actual quantity was different than the planned quantity.

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