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Selecting ingredients from batches on Manufacturing orders
Selecting ingredients from batches on Manufacturing orders

If you have enabled batch tracking for ingredient(s) you can select specific batches

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You can select ingredients used in manufacturing from specific batches if you have enabled batch tracking for ingredient(s). This gives you visibility into the exact ingredients used for making products with this Manufacturing order (MO).

Batches for ingredients on MOs are selected when the MO is completed (i.e. the MO's production status is changed to Done). You must select batches for batch-trackable ingredients as you cannot complete the MO without it.

Batches for ingredients on MOs can be reported from the Shop Floor App when an operator finishes an operation and consumes batch trackable ingredients.

Batches can be tracked for both types of ingredients (materials and subassemblies) that are used in manufacturing.

You can only select batches from stock at the manufacturing Location of the MO.

Selecting batches for ingredients

1. Change the Production status of the MO to Done or Partially complete

2a. If you are tracking batches for the manufactured product and you haven't assigned a batch number to the MO yet, you will be asked to assign the products to a specific batch. Read more

2b. You will be asked to select batches for all ingredients that have batch tracking enabled.

3. Select a batch and define the quantity to be taken from the batch for each item. You must select batches for the total quantity of the item. You can only choose batches from the manufacturing Location of the MO.

- The Quantity to assign column displays the quantity of items for which a batch hasn't been selected. You cannot "Confirm" the completion of the MO before the Quantity to assign is zero for all items on the list.

- In the Batch # column, you can select items from existing batches with a positive stock quantity.

You can also select items from the "Unbatched" batch if there is either a positive or negative quantity for the item in the "Unbatched" batch.

- Quantity to track column is the quantity of items you are taking from the batch selected in the Batch # column. By default, the quantity to track is filled with the maximum number of items available in the selected batch or with the total number required to assign in the respective column. If needed, you can edit the quantity to track manually.

If you do not select the entire quantity from a single batch, an additional row will be added to the table allowing you to choose the remaining quantity from another batch.

- Expiration date for the batch is shown for the selected batch if the Expiration date has been assigned.

4. When batches are selected for all items, you can "Confirm" the selection.

5. The MO Order is now Done or Partially complete - the ingredients have been taken from specific batches from your Stock.

You can edit batches for ingredients on Done Manufacturing orders if needed.

Note: Completing Manufacturing orders in bulk directly from the Schedule tab in the Make screen is not possible if you are tracking batches for ingredients on the selected MOs and the batches have not been selected for ingredients. You must select batches for ingredients on each MO separately.

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