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Enabling item batch tracking
Enabling item batch tracking

Activate batch tracking for each item in Katana to ensure detailed product traceability.

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Katana allows users to enable batch tracking for individual products and materials, ensuring comprehensive traceability across the supply chain. This feature can be activated manually for each item on its card, affecting all its variants. Once enabled, any existing stock is grouped under unbatched until new batches are defined.

Batch tracking can be switched ON/OFF at the item level (i.e. for each product and material) on the item card. You can set this manually for each item or in bulk.

Enabling/disabling batch tracking for an item doesn't affect any other items.

Manually enabling item batch tracking

  1. Navigate to the Items screen and select a product or material from the list.

    Items screen

  2. Select batch / lot numbers under Product tracking.

    Batch / lot numbers option selected on a product card

  3. Batch tracking in Katana is included in the Full Traceability add-on (automatically available in Professional plans β€” see more about subscription plans). If you're on a Starter plan, you will be asked to confirm the change to a higher plan.

  4. Batch tracking for all variants of the item is now enabled. If you already have a certain quantity of items In stock before enabling batch tracking, all the existing items are assigned to a batch called "unbatched".

Here is how you can start creating new batches.

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