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Partially completing a Manufacturing order
Partially completing a Manufacturing order

What to do when you've completed some of the items required by a Manufacturing order

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It’s useful to partially complete a Manufacturing order (MO) if you wish to sell or deliver some products on your MO before all of them are finished, or if you need to clear space on the manufacturing floor.

Scenarios where this could be useful:

  • You produce something directly for a consumer, and they request to deliver each product as soon as possible

  • You manufacture large items that take up a lot of space, and it's inefficient to keep the finished product on the factory floor while waiting for the entire production run to finish

  • You’re facing supply chain obstructions and need to have all the available products in stock to sell them.

How to partially complete a MO.

  1. Change the MO status to Partially complete

  2. Enter the quantity of products completed

  3. If you use batch tracking:

  • Add a batch number for products manufactured with this MO. The same batch number will be assigned to all the products made with this MO, even if you are completing the MO partially. You won't be able to edit the batch number of the MO after this point.

  • Add batch numbers for all the consumed ingredients with the respective quantities needed to complete the product.

Note: If you use a Make-to-Order workflow, the Completed quantity cannot exceed the amount of product on the linked Sales order (SO).

Related inventory movements

  • In stock for the product you manufactured will increase by the completed quantity that was set while partially completing the MO, and the Expected quantity for the product will decrease.

  • In stock and Committed quantities of ingredients will decrease relative to the completed quantity.

    • The consumed ingredient quantities can not be edited. Actual quantities of ingredients used in manufacturing for partially completed productions cannot be defined. You can only assign the actual ingredient quantities when completing the entire MO.

    • Actual quantities of ingredients can be reported at any time on the MO. A confirmation pops up when setting a partially complete MO to Done. Actual quantities of ingredients are recorded on the last production created by setting the MO status to Done

A partially completed MO card will contain additional information

There are two separate tabs on the MO card, differentiating the production plan and summary. There is a Planned tab for those products yet to be completed and a Completed tab for the finished products.

Planned tab

  • Completed and remaining quantity fields are added to the header

    • The completed quantity is the actual quantity of products produced

    • The remaining quantity is the difference between the planned quantity and the completed quantity. In case the completed quantity is bigger than planned, the remaining quantity will be 0.

  • Consumed and remaining quantity fields are added to the ingredients and operations tables

    • The consumed quantity of ingredients refers to the ingredients consumed from inventory based on all the productions. It is calculated based on planned quantities

    • The remaining quantity of ingredients is the difference between planned and consumed quantity.

    • The actual quantity of ingredients can still be entered at any time, but the actual quantity will be consumed when setting the MO status to Done.

Completed tab

  • Productions are added on expandable cards — each Production refers to one partial complete event

  • Each Production shows an editable completed date and time

  • The production displays

    • Amount of product produced

    • Cost of ingredients used

    • Cost of operations

    • Total cost of the production

    • Actual cost of production is empty until the MO is set to Done

    • There is a read-only summary of the ingredients and operations used for the production.

Changing a partially completed MO status to Done

To complete a partially complete MO, you have to change the MO status to Done.

When changing an MO status to Done:

  • A dialog box will open and ask for the final amount of product produced (This amount will be added to previous production(s) completed quantity

    • The final production will be created with this amount

    • On the MO Planned tab, the completed quantity is now the sum of all completed quantities of productions

  • Once the amount of product is added, you can enter the actual quantity of ingredients

    • Planned quantity in the dialog is a read-only field referring to the total planned quantity of the ingredient

    • Consumed quantity in the dialog is a read-only field referring to already consumed ingredients by partially completing the MO

    • Total actual quantity in the dialog is an editable field where you can write the total actual quantity of the ingredients consumed by the entire MO

      • The total actual quantity of ingredients is (by default) the total planned quantity

      • If the actual amount of ingredients is already filled out on the MO card or reported by the Shop Floor App, the total actual quantity is pre-filled by that number. You can overwrite the number in the dialog box.

Reverting a partially complete MO

If a MO is in Done status and you need to make changes to it, change the status back to Partially complete. This action will remove the last production and the actual cost of all productions. You can edit the actual ingredient quantities, operations actual time, or ingredient batch numbers.

To Revert any production, open the Completed tab and click on the Revert button. This will remove the production and adjust the completed and remaining quantity of the product, Consumed, remaining quantities of ingredients, and operations time.

If you need to set the partially completed MO to a Not started or In progress status, select Revert all from the dropdown.

Related inventory movements:

  • In stock for the product you manufactured will decrease by the completed quantity of reverted production, and the Expected quantity for the product will increase

  • In stock and Committed quantities for ingredients will increase relative to the reverted completed quantity.

Note: Productions in a closed inventory period can’t be reverted (the MO status can’t be changed to Not started or In progress).

To understand how the cost is calculated for Partially complete MO, read more about Manufacturing costs for products

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