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Using routed operation sequence with the shop floor app
Using routed operation sequence with the shop floor app

Utilize Katana's Shop Floor app for routed operation sequences to manage and track manufacturing steps efficiently.

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If your manufacturing work requires operations to be done in consecutive or parallel order, where starting a following operation depends on how operations are routed for the product. You can show operations in the Shop Floor App in consecutive or parallel order.

You can read more about setting up product operation routings on the Product card > Operations tab.

Read more about product operation routings on manufacturing orders (MOs).

Working with routed operations in the Shop Floor App

By choosing Operations are in sequence, your operators can only work with active tasks on a MO.

Operations are in sequence toggle

Using this method, operators can easily ensure that all the tasks they see, can be finished.

To further increase focus, you can combine consecutive operations with other task list actions, such as search and resource filters to narrow a task list further to a dedicated workstation or as a specific MO.

In this example, the first two operations of the MO are parallel to each other, so they are shown in the Shop Floor App simultaneously, but the third operation is not shown in the Shop Floor App.

Two operations that are parallel to each other:

Operations list with some operations in sequence

How the tasks appear in the shop floor app:

Shop floor app tasks

When an operator has completed the first two parallel tasks, the third task (which is consecutive to the first two tasks) becomes active on the MO and is then visible in the Shop Floor App so the operator can begin working on the third task.

Parallel tasks that are now complete:

Completed tasks that are in parallel

How it looks in the shop floor app:

Task that appears after sequence operations are complete

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