Warehouse App overview

The Warehouse app is a mobile-friendly web-based application created for warehouse teams to fulfill sales orders

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Note: The Warehouse app is part of the Warehouse Management add-on, which covers all of your business’s main warehouse management needs. The add-on is included in Professional and Professional Plus plans. Those on a Standard plan can purchase this functionality with the add-on.

We’re working to improve this feature and appreciate any feedback. Book a call with our team to share your thoughts on using the Warehouse App.

Katana's Warehouse App streamlines stock management by enabling real-time tracking and updates directly from a mobile device. The app provides tools for warehouse teams to manage incoming and outgoing goods, conduct stocktakes, and view inventory levels across multiple locations. It enhances operational efficiency and inventory accuracy, making warehouse tasks simpler and more effective.

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How managers and warehouse operators can use the app

There are many ways in which the warehouse app can help provide a more efficient system for your warehouse(s).

It can help with:

  • Planning which sales orders need to be pick & packed

  • Backtracking who packed an order

  • Providing live status updates from the warehouse to Katana. The app is directly linked to the main Katana website and syncs live data.

  • Going paperless - no need to print sales order packing lists

  • Letting the warehouse team focus on tasks without being distracted by other parts of Katana

To enable the Warehouse app, head to the Settings screen > Warehouse app and turn it on using the toggle. Read more.

Shows where the on/off toggle is for the warehouse app

Within the Warehouse app, users are called Warehouse operators (not to be confused with Shop Floor Operators). Warehouse operators can be added to your account by inviting them through the main Katana website.

Each Warehouse operator has a dedicated account. Task lists can't be assigned to one specific warehouse operator. Instead, whoever begins a task has responsibility over it. Sales orders that are set to Ready for packing will appear in the app. Read more

Warehouse operators have restricted access, meaning they can't access the full Katana website — only their tasks listed in the app. Tasks in the app don't contain cost or price-related information. This information is only available from the Katana website. Read more

Warehouse operator accounts aren't linked to a specific device. By using the login codes, an operator can log into an account from any device. It's not possible to have simultaneous sessions using multiple devices. Read more

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