How to enable the Warehouse app

Enable the Warehouse app to manage stock effectively on the go.

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Note: The Warehouse app is part of the Warehouse Management add-on, which covers all of your business’s main warehouse management needs. The add-on is included in Professional and Professional Plus plans. Those on a Standard plan can purchase this functionality with the add-on.

We’re working to improve this feature and appreciate any feedback. Book a call with our team to share your thoughts on using the Warehouse App.

Enabling the Warehouse app allows warehouse operators to manage stock and perform warehouse tasks directly from their mobile devices. This app provides real-time inventory tracking, supports stocktake processes, and helps manage warehouse operations across different locations.

Enable the Warehouse app

To enable the app, go to the Setting screen > Warehouse app.

Shows where the Warehouse app section is inside the Settings screen

On this screen, switch on the Pick & pack orders toggle.

The warehouse app on/off toggle

Once this is turned on, you'll also need to set up Warehouse operators if you haven't done so yet.

Once the Pick & Pack orders toggle has been turned on, sales orders will be sent as tasks to the Warehouse app. Read more.

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