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How to use the Warehouse app

Use the Warehouse app for stock management and task execution to streamline warehouse operations.

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Note: The Warehouse app is part of the Warehouse Management add-on, which covers all of your business’s main warehouse management needs. The add-on is included in Professional and Professional Plus plans. Those on a Standard plan can purchase this functionality with the add-on.

We’re working to improve this feature and appreciate any feedback. Book a call with our team to share your thoughts on using the Warehouse App.

The Warehouse app is designed to help users manage stock and perform various warehouse tasks efficiently. It provides real-time inventory updates and facilitates sales order picking.

Getting started

Once you've created a Warehouse operator account, an operator can begin accessing warehouse tasks on a mobile device (or laptop) by logging into their dedicated account.

The Warehouse app displays all the sales orders (SO) that have been assigned for picking and allows a warehouse operator to search, view, start, quit, and complete any tasks that haven't already been started by another warehouse operator. Completed tasks are automatically reflected on the main Katana account.

Tasks inside the app are displayed in the same ranked order as SOs on the Sales screen of Katana.

Higher priority orders should be further on top so that Warehouse operators start working on these tasks first. However, a warehouse operator can start any task at any time, regardless of position.

Choosing a different location and logging out

Operators can Change location or Log out by returning to the homepage, clicking on their name, and choosing the option from the dropdown.

Dropdown in the warehouse app for changing location and logging out

Tasks list

In the app's Tasks to do list, operators can see the main information for each SO, SO number, and delivery deadline.

Tasks to do list inside the warehouse app

If the order has been sent partially to picking, the sequence of the partial fulfillment is added in brackets after the SO number.

Tasks to do list inside the warehouse app with some that are partial fulfillment

In the app's Completed tasks list, operators can see all the SOs that have been packed, but not yet marked Delivered. This allows them to review completed tasks to make sure everything is correct.

Order view

If an operator clicks on a task in the list, it will open an order. Operators can see the item SKU and name that needs to be picked, the quantity, if it's batch / serial number trackable (if applicable), and the default storage bin for the item.

Items are ordered alphabetically by the default storage bin.

Detailed view of a task inside the warehouse app

If an operator clicks Start task, it will make the task unavailable for other operators.

If an operator taps on an item or scans the registered barcode or batch barcode of an item in a list, the item's detailed view is opened. Operators need to confirm the batch and serial numbers picked (if applicable) and insert the picked quantity.

In case the batch to pick from is not specified by the manager and has to be chosen by the operator, it's indicated in the list with Batch #: not assigned.

Once operator selects or scans an item and has to assign a batch number. The list of available batches includes only batches that haven't exceeded the expiry date and the dropdown list is ordered by FIFO (first in, first out).

Operator can adjust quantity by tapping on the + and - buttons, insert using the keyboard or increment by scanning the barcode.

Confirming the quantity of an item in the warehouse app

Once the quantity is confirmed, the operator is returned to the order view and the picked quantity is shown. If an operator picked in full, the item is shown in green, if they picked partially the item is shown in yellow.

Partially and fully picked tasks

Operators can return to a task list by clicking on the back button. The current task will remain in a In progress status.

Back option from a task in the warehouse app

Operators can Quit this task if they started an incorrect one, there's an issue with the order, or for any other reason. This makes the task available for other operators.

Quiz this task / finish task options in the warehouse app

Once all items have been picked and packed in full, the operator can Finish task and choose a new task from the list. Completed tasks will be moved to the Completed tasks list in the app, and the order will be marked Packed on the Katana website.

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