If you have created multiple stock Locations in Katana, a Stock Transfer enables you to move stock between Locations (i.e. transfer stock from one Location to another).

You can transfer both products and materials to different Locations. On a Stock Transfer, you can enter:

  • The Origin Location from which you wish to transfer the items.

  • The Destination Location to which you wish to transfer the items.

  • The items and quantities you wish to transfer.

Stock Transfer changes the "In stock" quantities for items at chosen Locations. When you have filled in all the required fields on a Stock Transfer, the document will be autosaved and the stock is transferred.

Stock Transfer displays your current "In stock" quantities for Origin and Destination Locations. If you have entered the quantity to transfer, then those quantities take the transferred items into account (e.g. the quantities refer to "In stock" after the transfer).

Learn how to create a Stock Transfer.

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