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Transferring stock (serial number trackable items) between Locations
Transferring stock (serial number trackable items) between Locations

Transfer serial number trackable items between locations in Katana for precise inventory management.

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Transfer serial number trackable items between different locations to maintain accurate inventory records. This process ensures detailed tracking and precise control over stock movements across various locations, supporting effective inventory management and traceability.

If you have more than one Location in your Katana account, you may want to transfer stock from one location to another.

When adding items that have serial number tracking enabled to a stock transfer, it's required to define serial numbers for the transferred quantity.

Only items that are currently available in stock can be transferred.

How to transfer stock

  1. Create a stock transfer that contains a serial trackable product.

  2. Click on the Quantity field and a popup window will open where you can enter serial numbers.

    Quantity column on a stock transfer

    NB! You can use Copy/paste to add multiple numbers at once or manually add each number separated by a comma. Auto-suggest will offer numbers that are available in stock.

    Serial number adding window

  3. Click Done.

  4. If you click the down arrow on the item field, you can see the transferred serial numbers

    Arrow to expand info on an item in a stock transfer

    To transfer more serial number trackable products within the same document, add additional rows in the popup window, specifying the necessary details.

    Shows multiple items expanded on a stock transfer

  5. If you want to edit serial tracking info for an existing transfer row, clicking the Quantity field.

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