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Switching Barcodes ON/OFF
Switching Barcodes ON/OFF

Easily toggle barcodes on or off in Katana to suit your inventory tracking needs.

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Switch barcodes on/off within settings to accommodate different inventory tracking preferences. This flexibility allows businesses to customize how they manage product identification and tracking through barcode usage.

Barcodes can be switched ON and OFF from Settings screen > Barcodes in Katana.

Barcodes are included in the Standard, Professional, and Professional Plus plans (see more about subscription plans here). If you are using the Starter plan, you will be asked to confirm a change to a higher plan.

How to enable barcodes

  1. Navigate to the Settings screen and select Barcodes from the left side menu.

    Barcodes section inside the settings screen

  2. Enable one or more types of barcodes.

    Shows the barcodes that can be enabled inside the barcodes section

  3. If you turned on internal barcodes, you'll need to choose whether you want to automatically these barcodes.

    Shows the option to have internal barcodes generated automatically

    Read more about generating barcodes.

Note: If you switch barcodes OFF, the respective barcode fields will disappear, but no existing barcodes will be deleted. New barcodes aren't generated when barcodes are switched OFF.

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