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Barcode standards

Understand different barcode standards and their use in Katana for efficient inventory tracking.

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Katana supports various barcode standards to enhance inventory management. Common 1D barcodes and 2D barcodes like (QR codes), are used for different purposes. While 1D barcodes are efficient for tracking inventory items, 2D barcodes provide more information.

Compatible scanners can read these barcodes, ensuring accurate item identification and streamlined stock management. Barcodes generated or entered in Katana can also be printed in any supported standard.

Globally, there are is no set standard for barcodes, but rather a wide variety to choose.

Examples of commonly used 1D (1-dimensional with linear bars) barcodes:

  • EAN-8;EAN-13;EAN-39

  • UPC-A; UPC-E

  • GS1-128; Code -128

1D linear barcodes are the most efficient way to track inventory as they represent a simple sequence of symbols which refer to a certain item. They don't have to carry a lot of information, because the database has all the information about the item available.

Examples of commonly used 2D (2-dimensional) barcodes:

  • QR code; Data Matrix code.

2D barcodes are most commonly used when more information is needed with the code e.g. direct the user to a URL or share a contact card.

Note: Barcode is a machine-readable way of presenting symbols - e.g. numbers or letters.

How barcode standards relate Katana


Once a scanner is compatible with the barcode and configured as described in the Hardware for scanning article there is no difference which barcode is scanned as scanning a barcode always translates the image to symbols that can be matched to items in Katana.

Printing barcodes on physical labels:

Barcodes generated or entered in Katana can be printed in any standard supported by the label printing software used for label creation and printing.

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