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Where to find stock movement history
Where to find stock movement history

Track stock movement history in Katana to validate inventory levels and costs accurately.

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Katana offers detailed tracking of historical stock movements to analyze discrepancies in inventory levels and average costs. You can access this data directly in Katana or export it for in-depth analysis.

Tracking these movements can be relevant for you if:

  • The current stock level for an item in Katana doesn't match the actual stock level in your physical inventory - you can track all stock movements to understand where the difference may come from

  • The average cost for an item seems incorrect - all historical stock movements have details of unit costs and the Average cost before and after the movement

  • You are looking to analyze the stock movements for an item - look at the data directly in Katana or export historical stock movements into a CSV file

Accessing an item's stock movements

  1. Go to the Stock screen.

  2. Click on either the Average cost, Value in stock, or In stock quantity of an item.

    Stock screen, highlighting the average cost, value in stock, and in stock columns

  3. A popup window with historical stock movements (of the last 365 days) will open. This view shows you:

    1. The date of the movement

    2. A related document (as a direct link to the document)

    3. Quantity change

    4. Cost or price of the item for the stock movement

    5. Quantity Balance after the movement

    6. Total value in stock after the movement

    7. Average cost of the item after the movement

      Inventory intel window for an item

In this view, you can filter stock movements by movement date or any other column.

If you want to export the stock movements for an item, click Export in the bottom corner of the popup screen.

Note: Historical stock movements can only be exported for each item separately.

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