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What is a Stock adjustment?
What is a Stock adjustment?

Adjust quantities of stock through Stock adjustments

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Stock Adjustments enable you to increase or decrease the quantity of items you have "In Stock" (read more about the Inventory list). Typical situations where you could create a Stock adjustment include:

  • Inserting initial stock - if you are just starting with Katana and your business already operates with some existing stock, you should add your current stock levels into Katana. Creating a Stock adjustment with relevant items, quantities, and values is one option. You can also import your initial stock levels using the import template for stock. Read more.

  • Corrections to stock levels based on stock takings - if the amount of items actually in stock doesn't match what Katana indicates, you can increase or decrease the quantities with a Stock adjustment.

  • Changing the stock level for consumable materials not included in Product Recipes - you may have low-value materials that are in stock and used for manufacturing products but aren't included in Product recipes (e.g. thread, nails). In this case, Manufacturing orders do not trigger inventory movements for these materials. If you wish to track their stock level, you can periodically update it with stock adjustments.

  • Any other positive or negative event which affects the Stock level - theft, fire, lost items, gifts, etc.

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