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Entering stock levels into Katana
Entering stock levels into Katana

Efficiently enter initial stock in Katana using direct import or stock adjustments.

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Setting up initial stock in Katana can be done via direct import from e-commerce platforms or through stock adjustments. This article goes through the process of adding initial stock, ensuring that inventory levels are accurately reflected in Katana from the start. It includes detailed steps on using a spreadsheet template for importing stock, adjusting for items, and batch tracking.

Different methods for entering stock

Import product stock directly from an e-commerce platform

If you sell online and manage stock levels on your e-commerce platform (e.g. Shopify or WooCommerce), connect your e-store to Katana and import all your products and related stock levels to Katana directly.

Only product stock can be imported from e-commerce channels since materials typically cannot be managed on e-commerce platforms.

If you're using batch tracking for your items (available via the Full Traceability add-on), batch information can't be imported from your e-commerce channel. Instead, use our spreadsheet for importing batches in bulk.

Create a Stock adjustment

To enter the initial stock, you can create a Stock adjustment in Katana and include all the products and materials you currently have in stock. We recommend entering "Initial stock" into the Reason field of the Stock adjustment to make it more easily identifiable later on.

You can add items to Stock adjustments that have already been created in Katana or create new items by typing an item name into the Item field and selecting Create new [item name] from the drop-down. Afterward, select whether you want to create a new product or material and fill in the essential item details.

If you're using batch tracking for items (available via the Full Traceability add-on), you can specify batches on the Stock adjustment.

Import stock levels via spreadsheet import

If you're ready to import your products and materials, use our Update stock levels and stock values import template.

If you use item batch tracking (available via the Full Traceability add-on), follow this tutorial to import new batches with stock quantities and values to Katana.

As a result of the import, Katana will create a Stock adjustment to enter the initial stock quantities and values and will assign "Imported from Excel" as the adjustment reason. You can find the Stock adjustment from Stock screen > Stock adjustments.

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